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How to check if a file exists in Node.js

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With the fs module in Node.js you can check if a file exists by using the synchronous fs.existsSync(path) method which has the following signature:

function existsSync(path: PathLike): boolean;

The following snippet shows how you would use this in code. It is important to note that this is “blocking” because fs.existsSync is synchronous.

const fs = require('fs');

if(fs.existsSync('path-to-your-file')) {
  // file exists. Let's do something with it

It is usually advisable to make use of Node.js’ asynchronous methods. There used to be fs.exists but that is deprecated, instead you can use the fs.stat(path) method. It has this signature:

function stat(path: PathLike, callback: (err: NodeJS.ErrnoException | null, stats: Stats) => void): void;

This is how you might use it in your code:

fs.stat('./packages.json', (err, status) => {
  if(err) {
    if(err.code === 'ENOENT') {
      // file doesn't exist
    // handle other potential errors here

  // file exists, do something with the file

You could also use the fs.access(path) method:

function access(path: PathLike, callback: NoParamCallback): void;
fs.access('./packages.json', (err) => {
if(err) {
  // file doesn't exist

// file exists