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Top 5 VSCode Extensions for React Developers

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I have been writing JavaScript for a few years now and I initially started with Sublime Text as my editor of choice. After trying my hands on Visual Studio Code, I ported full time and I’ve been loving it ever since.

Over time, I have customized my Visual Studio Code setup and extended its functionality using third party extensions available on the VSCode marketplace. What follows is a list of my top 5 VSCode extensions for maximum productivity for React developers.

Auto import

Auto import automatically/intelligently imports exported modules from source JavaScript/TypeScript files within your projects. As soon as you start typing the first few characters of the exported name, it suggests for you to auto-import the module.

auto import

Download Auto Import here

Auto Rename tag

This is easily one of my favorite VSCode extensions because of the convenience it offers me in renaming JSX components. It works with HTML/XML/JSX out of the box and it automatically renames the closing tag of any component when the opening tag is renamed.

auto rename tag

Download Auto Rename Tag here

Bracket Pair Colorizer

This extension intelligently colors matching pairs of braces, brackets, etc. This helps with visually seeing or locating corresponding braces, brackets, etc.

with colorizer

You can find it here

code spell checker

This extension obviously helps with spell checking your code. It is valuable because it helps you spot typographic errors in your code or even in the content of your pages. It is intelligent enough to understand camel casing and can help you spot some cases where your variables are not camel-cased.

code spell checker

Download it here

Import cost

Import cost helps you with the dependencies or packages you import in your react/js code It easily identifies how much an import adds to the overall bundle size of your application. This can help you identify what makes your bundles heavy and figure out the best optimization.

Import cost

Download Import Cost here

Bonus Section


In order to boost your productivity and save a lot of keystrokes here and there, there are a few snippet collections for React that you can install on VSCode. I currently use React-Native/React/Redux snippets for es6/es7

react snippets

Color Theme

You can customize your VSCode from functionality to appearance. With myriads of themes to choose from on the Visual Studio marketplace. I currently use Cobalt2 Theme


Even though Visual Studio Code comes with a lot of awesome features and capabilities out of the box, a lot more can be accomplished by customizing your VSCode by making use of these extensions. Head over to the Visual Studio marketplace to install them for free.